​​​​Online Option

Limited on time? Do the bulk of your training online, the hands-on skills with us, and still receive your AHA completion card! Really simple.

Step 1: GO HERE to purchase the online portion.​

Step 2: Once you’ve received your key, complete the online training. Print out your certificate and bring with you to our skills check

Step 3: Schedule your skills check off with us, bring your online certificate and, upon completion, you’ll receive your AHA completion card (should take only 15-30 minutes). Skills Check offs are $25. We can also do the skills check at your office for corporate trainings!

Weekly classes in Arlington... WE ALSO COME TO YOU*


$30 CPR/AED or BLS for Healthcare Providers 

​$35 for CPR + First Aid!

YOU CHOOSE! Our Arlington Office or Yours

3 person min. if we come to you in Tarrant or Johnson counties

4 person min. if we come to you in other DFW counties

NO MINIMUM if you come to us in Arlington!  

*weekend trainings are full price

LIFE is why

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Great option for employer groups!

CALL US TODAY! 214-789-0074


Visit our Arlington office:

1201 N. Watson Rd. Suite 285 Arlington, TX 76006

About Us


*Willing to travel to corporate offices where 4 or more present. No personal homes.



Melrose CPR is a Christian-based wellness ministry under Inside Out Fitness Ministries. We want to help people, help people! Our instructors are comprised of fitness professionals, athletes and healthcare professionals, and we approach each training with enthusiasm and care. YOU CAN DO THIS!


Call Us: 214-789-0074

Let us know which class you'd like to take. No minimum to hold classes!

Need another time? Just let us know!

AHA Requires that each student have the course textbook to accompany the training. Please come prepared to class with your book based off the most recently released guidelines (2015).

Option 1: Bring your own book from a previous training

Option 2: Purchase a physical book from us for $15

Option 3: Get the digital version in an eBook and bring with you here: https://ebooks.heart.org/

Heartsaver CPR/AED - $45

Adult CPR, AED use and adult choking (optional child, infant CPR and choking)

Heartsaver First Aid + CPR/AED - $60

First Aid basics, medical, injury and environmental emergencies + CPR and choking

Heartsaver Bloodborne Pathogens - $30

Learn how to protect from and act when exposed to blood.

BLS for Healthcare Providers - $50

Designed for healthcare employees. Learn single-rescuer and team basic life support for adults, children and infants.

*All same-day trainings and weekend trainings are normal price (listed in this section) and monthly specials do not apply